Bluefin Tuna Reveal Global Ocean Patterns of Mercury Pollution

Bluefin tuna, a long-lived migratory species that accumulates mercury as it ages, can be used as a global barometer of the heavy metal and the risk posed to ocean life and human health, according to a study by Rutgers and other institutions. 

Safe Catch Solves Mercury Problem in Seafood for Industry and Consumers

September 16, 2020 Safe Catch

Safe Catch’s revolutionary technology, which tests fish for mercury in under 60 seconds, is now certified by AOAC INTERNATIONAL as equivalent to ICP-MS testing methods utilized by the FDA. A Safe Catch mercury test is 250 times faster than an ICP-MS lab. AOAC International certification is the premier standard for verifying scientific testing methods and confirms Safe Catch is the undisputed authority in testing seafood for mercury.

NFI: Proper Perspective on the Latest Mercury Study

A new study focused on climate change, fishing and mercury in cod and bluefin tuna has sparked a bit of hyperbolic reporting that lacks a complete understanding of the findings and often ignores needed perspective.