Sweetmore Bakeries Announces Brand Unifying Three Legacy Bakeries

June 16, 2022 Sweetmore Bakeries

Main Street Gourmet, Biscotti Brothers Bakery, and Meurer Brothers Bakery have launched a new brand identity for their combined business: Sweetmore Bakeries. Collectively, Sweetmore Bakeries focuses on high quality and innovative products to help customers differentiate their sweet baked goods and improve operations.

Main Street Gourmet Invests in Meurer Brothers Bakery

November 12, 2021 Meurer Brothers Bakery

Main Street Gourmet is pleased to announce that it has completed an acquisition and partnership with Meurer Brothers Bakery. Main Street Gourmet, which owns and operates Main Street Gourmet (Akron, OH) and Biscotti Brothers (Greensburg, PA), is a family of premium wholesale bakeries serving in-store bakery (ISB), restaurant, club, and convenience customers. Meurer Brothers Bakery is a Wisconsin-based, third-generation manufacturer of premium pastries (mini danish, traditional danish, French Crème coffee cake, and turtle cookies), primarily for the ISB channel.