Senate Unanimously OKs Schwank’s Milk Labeling Bill

October 13, 2020 69 News

Pennsylvania’s milk processors are one step closer to being granted more flexibility in how they label their containers for sale.

Northam Vetoes Bill That Would Define ‘Milk’ as Coming From a ‘Healthy Hooved Animal’

April 17, 2020 WHSV

The bill would have prohibited plant-based milk alternative products from marketing their products as milk. If it had been passed into law, HB 119 would have directed the Board of Agriculture and Consumer Services to launch a plan banning any products mislabeled under the new definition from Virginia stores.

Milk, Meat Substitutes Won’t Need New Labels in Arizona After Bill Fails

Rep. David Cook’s colleagues rejected his bill by a 36-22 margin that would have limited the use of labels that say “milk” or “meat” if it didn’t come from a naturally lactating animal.