U.S. Atlantic Skate Achieves MSC Certification

The U.S. Atlantic Winter Skate (Raja ocellata) fishery in the Northwest Atlantic has been certified sustainable against the MSC fisheries standard. The assessment, executed by independent conformity assessment body MRAG Americas, Inc. was requested by the Sustainable Fisheries Association whose members include: Cape Ann Seafood Exchange, Inc.; Marder Trawling, Inc.; and Seatrade International. The assessment was completed as part of a scope extension under the U.S. Atlantic spiny dogfish fishery certificate.

MSC Seafood Futures Forum

Each year we bring NGOs and industry together at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels for an engaging discussion to create action for the future of sustainable seafood.

Gulf Seafood Foundation Member Prestige Oysters First to Enter MSC Assessment

The first oyster fishery in the United States has entered the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) fisheries standard assessment. Prestige Oysters of San Leon, Texas has entered full assessment for oysters harvested in Texas and Louisiana. If granted, it would be the only oyster fishery certified in the Americas.

MSC Certificates Suspended for Both Bay of Biscay Sardine Fisheries

February 21, 2019 Marine Stewardship Council

The MSC certificates for the South of Brittany purse seine sardine fishery in France, and the Spanish Bay of Biscay purse seine sardine fishery, will be suspended on 12 March 2019. This was announced in the Notice of Suspension which was issued by the independent certifier, Bureau Veritas.

MSC Certificates Suspended for all North East Atlantic Mackerel Fisheries

February 5, 2019 Marine Stewardship Council

The MSC certification for all North East Atlantic mackerel fisheries will be suspended on Saturday 2nd March 2019. This was announced today through the release of an expedited audit report for all North East Atlantic mackerel fisheries in the MSC program. Mackerel caught on or after 2nd March 2019 cannot be sold as ‘MSC certified’ or bear the blue MSC label. The suspension affects all 4 certificates, for fisheries across 8 countries