NFI Crab Council Announces Brice Phillips as New Chairman

December 20, 2018 National Fisheries Institute

The National Fisheries Institute’s Crab Council announces it has elected a new Chairman, Brice Phillips the Director of Club Store Sales at Phillips Foods. Phillips will assume the chairmanship of the nearly ten-year old crab sustainability group immediately.

New York’s Attorney General Focuses on Fish Fraud

December 19, 2018 National Fisheries Institute

An investigation by New York’s Attorney General that targeted 155 stores across 29 supermarket brands found mislabeled seafood about a quarter of the time.

Top 10 List Shows Significant Increase in Seafood Consumption

December 19, 2018 National Fisheries Institute

In 2017 Americans ate 16 pounds of seafood per capita, an increase of 1.1 pounds from the 14.9 pounds consumed in 2016. It is the highest per capita consumption number in almost a decade.