National Turkey Federation Partners With Kansas City Barbeque Society to Continue Turkey Smoke Series

The Turkey Smoke Series will incorporate a turkey category into barbeque competitions throughout the United States during the 2021 barbeque season, adding thousands of dollars in extra prize money and bragging rights among pitmaster competitors at numerous KCBS-sanctioned barbeque contests. Winning recipes will also be featured across KCBS and NTF digital platforms.

Ray Lampe “Dr. BBQ” Named Turkey Smoke Spokeschef

February 12, 2020 National Turkey Federation

The National Turkey Federation (NTF) is pleased to announce Barbecue Hall of Famer Ray Lampe, also known as Dr. BBQ, will serve as Turkey Smoke Spokeschef for 2020. NTF’s Turkey Smoke is creating a new category for competition barbecue and challenging pitmasters across the country to dream up their tastiest turkey creations.

US Poultry, Egg Industries Welcome Announcement of Japan Trade Agreement

August 27, 2019 National Chicken Council

U.S. poultry and egg organizations welcome the announcement of a trade agreement between the United States and Japan, an achievement that stands to benefit our industry.