NatureSweet Protects Land to Help Preserve Indigenous Species and Pollinator Corridor During Earth Day Week

April 24, 2023 NatureSweet

NatureSweet has earned the prestigious certification by the Government of Jalisco to become a State Area Voluntarily Destined for Conservation (SAVDC), which will help protect the biological diversity of more than 123 acres (50 hectares) of land at their plant in Tuxcacuesco, Jalisco. The area is considered a pollinator corridor, a pathway that will help preserve and protect various species as they move between areas.

NatureSweet Creates Fruit and Vegetable Gardens for Schools in Mexico

April 19, 2023 NatureSweet

NatureSweet® has partnered with a nonprofit, Fundación EDUCA México A.C., to help create herb, fruit, and vegetable gardens at schools near six NatureSweet facilities throughout Mexico. The program is called “Escuelas Por La Tierra” and six separate gardens have been established at schools that are near NatureSweet facilities located in San Isidro, Zapotlán, Nayarit, Tuxcacuesco, Colima, and the company’s Guadalajara office.

NatureSweet Files Unfair Competition Lawsuit Against Mastronardi Produce

April 14, 2023 NatureSweet

“At NatureSweet, we feel an obligation to protect our customers and consumers since we are committed to delivering the best quality products on a consistent basis,” says Rodolfo Spielmann, President and CEO of NatureSweet.

NatureSweet Launches Pilot Program for Agricultural Workers to Earn Their Bachelor’s Degree

April 5, 2023 NatureSweet

Thirty agricultural workers from NatureSweet’s facility in Zapotlán, Mexico have been selected to be a part of a pilot program that will allow them to earn their degree in agriculture. The program is called “Unleashing Your Power” and a majority of the costs associated with obtaining the degree are being paid for by NatureSweet.

Mission Produce and NatureSweet Enter Long-Term 3PL Partnership in Laredo, Texas

September 8, 2022 Mission Produce

The move is anticipated to support the expansion of NatureSweet’s greenhouse portfolio, which includes the industry’s leading snacking tomatoes, medium/large tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.