New York Apple Sales Announces Jim Allen’s Retirement and New Hires

May 29, 2020 New York Apple Sales

Jim Allen, VP of Marketing for New York Apple Sales, will be retiring on June 26, 2020. Jim has been with NYAS since February of 2017.

Here Comes Yes! Apples

October 14, 2019 New York Apple Sales

The 2019 Produce Marketing Fresh Summit will be the launching pad for a new and exciting consumer brand of fresh apples. New York Apple Sales, INC, (NYAS) of Glenmont, New York will blast off the new apple season with Yes! Apples™.

EverCrisp is Named the H-E-B January Apple-of-the-Month

The MAIA-1 apple variety, marketed as EverCrisp, combines the best features of its parent varieties, Honeycrisp and Fuji. This sweet, juicy and firm apple – now in its second season selling at grocery stores – has been an instant hit among apple lovers. It maintains its crunch and sweet flavor like no other, holding its taste and firmness for months.