The Science of Product Messaging: How Unbiased Information on Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Organics, GMO and CRISPR Can Affect Consumer Buying Behavior. UGA’s Ben Campbell Unveils New Report at New York Produce Show

When Ben Campbell started out with The New York Produce Show and Conference, he was a professor at the University of Connecticut. During the event, Ben and his students participated in our University Interchange program, which provides a forum for university professors to share cutting-edge research with the trade and thus help fulfill their mission to disseminate knowledge, while also providing an educational and mentorship program for students. He found the program so valuable, that when he moved on to the University of Georgia he asked if we would expand the program. Which we did.

Global Trade Symposium Offers Master Class On Apple Breeding By Pre-eminent Expert Susan Brown Of Cornell

Few trends are more important to the future of the produce industry than the growth of proprietary produce. At the center of this is breeding, and at the center of breeding in the world of apples is Cornell’s Susan Brown. We were excited that she was willing to be a part of this year’s Global Trade Symposium, co-located with the New York Produce Show and Conference.

Educational Micro-Session: in Advance of Federal Mandate on GMO Labeling, Cornell’s Miguel Gómez Reexamines Purchasing Behavior on GM-label Strawberries, Potatoes and Apples

Professor Miguel Gómez has presented on a plethora of topics at our American and European industry events. We asked Pundit Investigator and Special Projects Editor Mira Slot to find out what he has in store for us at the New York Produce Show and Conference this year.

Preview to the New York Produce Show and Conference

It’s that time of year to preview some of the intriguing speakers who will be at The New York Produce Show and Conference and its co-located events beginning next week.

Foundational Excellence Program Showcases Latest Research on Generic Promotions, Varietal Development and Consumers’ Response to GMOs

In addition to presenting important research results on the main show day, Professor Rickard has been an important part of the Foundational Excellence program that we present jointly with Cornell University. His role is to get attendees thinking about key issues in the produce industry and he does it by giving riveting, rapid fire summaries of key research he has been conducting related to the industry. So we were very excited when we learned what he planned for the Foundational Excellence program this year.