BDA/Dorot Farm Launches Product For the New Export Season at The New York Produce Show

December 16, 2019 BDA/Dorot Farm

“The new crop from Dorot Farm looks good, and I’m very happy with the field’s conditions.” says Ami Ben-Dror, CEO of BDA/Dorot Farm.

Global Trade Symposium Offers Master Class On Apple Breeding By Pre-eminent Expert Susan Brown Of Cornell

Few trends are more important to the future of the produce industry than the growth of proprietary produce. At the center of this is breeding, and at the center of breeding in the world of apples is Cornell’s Susan Brown. We were excited that she was willing to be a part of this year’s Global Trade Symposium, co-located with the New York Produce Show and Conference.

Educational Micro-Session: in Advance of Federal Mandate on GMO Labeling, Cornell’s Miguel Gómez Reexamines Purchasing Behavior on GM-label Strawberries, Potatoes and Apples

Professor Miguel Gómez has presented on a plethora of topics at our American and European industry events. We asked Pundit Investigator and Special Projects Editor Mira Slot to find out what he has in store for us at the New York Produce Show and Conference this year.

Discover 4 Ways To Become More Sustainable With Arrowfarms at The New York Produce Show

November 19, 2019 Arrowfarms

Arrowfarms will offer attendees of the 2019 New York Produce Show the chance to discover four ways to make their business more sustainable with the Arrowfarms family of companies.