Meat Purchases and Confidence at Record Highs

Americans are buying more beef, pork, poultry, and lamb than ever as increased time at home during the pandemic sent meat grocery sales soaring by 20% (IRI) from 2019 to 2020.

COVID AT One Year: Infections in Meat Sector 85% Lower than General Population with Urgent Need to Accelerate Vaccination

Nearly one year after the first reported cases of COVID-19 among meat and poultry workers, comprehensive protections have brought case rates to just 2.67 cases per day per 100,000 workers – more than 85% lower than rates in the general population.

The New Standard Meat and Poultry Workers Need is One that Prioritizes Vaccines

As the Biden administration weighs workplace safety standards and seeks to deliver on its commitment to vaccinate all American adults within months, high priority must be given to vaccinating frontline meat and poultry workers and reaffirming protections that have successfully brought infection rates in the sector more than 80% below the general population.

Deli Meat Sales Soar as Families Seek Convenient, Nutritious Meal Solutions at Home

Across the country during the past year, prepared meats have seen major sales increases in some of the most popular categories – including grab-&-go options like pre-sliced ham, beef, bologna, salami and pepperoni. Sales increases in 2020 for specific grab-&-go deli meats ranged from 23% to 95% versus the year before.

COVID-19: Meat Worker Case Rates More Than 5 Times Lower Than General Population

The latest analysis of independent data reveals that COVID-19 infection rates among meat and poultry workers are more than five times lower than in the general U.S. population, 95% lower than peak case rates in the sector from May 2020.