Asparagus Tops Grocery Lists as Meijer Shoppers Throughout the Midwest Benefit from Michigan Harvest Season

June 7, 2021 Meijer

The results of a strong Michigan harvest are helping the perfect cookout vegetable find itself on the top of many grocery lists at Meijer stores across the Midwest. The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer saw twice as much asparagus in shopping carts last week, a trend expected to continue as it prepares to sell more than 2M pounds this summer.

North Bay Produce Looks to Peru for Late Month Sugar Snap and Snow Pea Arrivals

April 5, 2021 North Bay Produce

North Bay knows it is Spring when a couple of things happen, asparagus starts popping its head through the cold ground in Michigan, and when we start shipments of Peruvian snow and snap peas!

North Bay Produce, Inc. Introduces New Packaging

July 14, 2020 North Bay Produce

North Bay Produce proudly introduces new packaging for their fresh produce lines. With a history of great, fresh fruits and vegetables for over 35 years, and as the company has grown and is a recognized leading provider of high quality products with outstanding levels of service and dynamic people making it happen, North Bay wanted new packaging to reflect these qualities of their company.

North Bay Produce, Inc. to Donate Over 1,000 Cases of Apples

March 30, 2020 North Bay Produce

“I really enjoy giving to Food Rescue because it helps so many people through all the food pantries. Over the years we have been one of the largest contributors to Food Rescue and North Bay is very proud to be part of this organization,” Ken Korson, Apple Category Manager for North Bay Produce.

North Bay Produce Puts Employee Health First

January 30, 2020 North Bay Produce

It’s a new year, and North Bay Produce, Inc. is hoping to turn their focus on employee health and wellness. This starts with promoting their on-site gym and developing a wellness program, which includes healthy recipes featuring their products.