North Country Smokehouse on Shelf at Erewhon Market

“If it’s here – it’s good for you”. More than a clever tagline, it is a promise made by upscale retailer, Erewhon Market. The West Coast grocer is focused on helping the community live a more radiant lifestyle through exceptional, organic eats. As part of their nutrition-driven mission, the company recently added several all-natural, Certified Humane® and USDA Organic smoked skus to the store shelf.

North Country Smokehouse Celebrates 16 Years Organic

April 19, 2022 North Country Smokehouse

Trends toward non-GMO, organic foods may seem like the best thing to hit the food scene since sliced bread, but for North Country Smokehouse, the rest of the world just joined the dinner table. The company celebrated 16 years of organic farming last summer, marking the occasion with a pasture to plate luncheon on Egli farm, one of the first-ever farms to join the company’s organic program.

North Country Smokehouse Receives 2022 Good Food Award

March 2, 2022 North Country Smokehouse

North Country Smokehouse was named 2022 Good Food Award winner by the Good Food Foundation, recognized for handcrafting sugar-free organic bacon with exceptional flavor and a deep commitment to building a more sustainable and just food system. More than 2,000 specialty food and beverage producers submitted unique products for a blind tasting. A total of 244 exceptional crafters across 18 categories, from 39 states and Washington, D.C., were proudly recognized by the foundation.

North Country Smokehouse Expands Organic Offering

February 4, 2022 North Country Smokehouse

New England based meat producer, North Country Smokehouse, introduces two new organic hams to their retail lineup; Applewood Smoked Ham Steak and Petit Ham.

Making Prop 12 Compliant Pork Accessible

Since the early 1970s, producers have used gestation crates to house sow for the duration of their pregnancy. The sow lives, eats, and sleeps in a two-and-half-by-seven-foot stall. They cannot move around freely or socialize. Producers justify these long-standing, industry-wide practices claiming they nurture and protect the sow from other, more aggressive pigs, preventing fights and potential injury to both the sow and the piglet.