Nueva Pescanova Built the World’s First Intelligent Aquafarm to Better Feed the Fish and the World

April 18, 2022 Microsoft

Working with Microsoft, Omar Portugal and his team adopted new software, added more data-gathering sensors, and floated several automated feeding stations atop the shrimp pond at the Marfrisco Aquafarm. The facility is one of numerous farms operated around the world by Nueva Pescanova, a Spain-based company specializing in the fishing, farming, processing and sale of seafood products.

Nueva Pescanova Will Help Ensure the Traceability of Its Products With IBM Food Trust, Contributing to the Sustainability of the Oceans

June 8, 2021 Nueva Pescanova Group

The Nueva Pescanova Group and IBM are working together to trace all of Nueva Pescanova’s seafood products on the IBM Food Trust (IFT) platform, a blockchain-based network designed to help ensure the traceability of products across the supply chain.