Elmhurst 1925 Fan-Favorite Oat Milk Just Got Creamier and More Nutritious

September 12, 2022 Elmhurst® 1925

Elmhurst 1925, maker of simple, nutritious and incredibly deliciously creamy plant-based beverages, today announced that it has reformulated its Unsweetened Oat Milk to offer better benefits for its mindful-minded consumers. With enhanced nutritional benefits, Elmhurst’s reformulated Oat Milk is staying true to its mission to keep innovating and improving its product lines.

How a Massachusetts Dairy Company Became the Biggest Seller of Oat Milk in the US

May 4, 2022 HP Hood

HP Hood’s oat milk may not be the trendiest brand of the dairy alternative, or even the most widely known, but Planet Oat is the most popular brand of oat milk in the U.S.

BetterBody Foods Launches Its New Oatsome Creamer Lite Oat Milk in Select Costcos

March 26, 2021 BetterBody Foods

BetterBody Foods, the trusted brand for healthy and natural food products, launches its Oatsome Creamer Lite Oat Milk in select Costco warehouses in Southern California and Hawaii beginning March 26. The low-fat, low-calorie creamer is the latest offering in its Oatsome line.

Starbucks is Launching Oat and Almond Milk Non-Dairy Coffee Creamers

It’s always music to our ears when a major company unveils a new vegan release. Today, that sing-song buzz comes courtesy of Starbucks and Nestlé. Earlier this week, the companies announced that two new Non-Dairy Creamers are launching nationwide.

U.S. Consumers Thirsty For More Oat Milk

Facing unprecedented demand from U.S. consumers eager for dairy-free milk alternatives, Oatly is currently dealing with a shortage of its popular oat-based beverage.