One Banana Presents Corporate Sustainability Report

June 23, 2020 One Banana

One Banana publishes its sixth Sustainability Report, which presents the results of projects, programs, and good practices that have contributed to the success of the operations and further its efforts to become a world-class company in quality, productivity, and profitability.

ONE Banana Certifies Organic Production with FAIRTRADE Standard

February 5, 2020 ONE Banana

“Our sustainable family-owned farms are all certified to the highest third party standards, but now we are also proud to announce that our farm in Peru is certified under the Fair Trade international standard, benefiting all those involved in the supply chain, from producers to final consumers,” said Robert Adams, President of ONE Banana Co.

More than 8,000 Latin-American Children are Benefited with the Corporate Social Responsibility Programs of ONE Banana

January 17, 2020 ONE Banana

ONE Banana The better banana company presented the preliminary results of its Corporate Social Responsibility actions during 2019, a year in which the company has benefited more than 8,000 children with the execution of social development programs in rural areas of the countries where it operates.

ONE BANANA Worker Receives “The Order of Labor Excellence 2019” from the Ministry of Labor in Guatemala

March 27, 2019 ONE BANANA

The President of the Republic of Guatemala and the Minister of Labor presented the “Order of Labor Excellence 2019” to 18 female workers from the agricultural, commercial, industrial and service sectors selected from different parts of the country.

One Banana Joins World Water Day Promoted by the UN

March 25, 2019 ONE BANANA

ONE BANANA has implemented different actions for the efficient use and management of water in their plantations, as a commitment to guarantee sustainability as a key pillar of development.