New Acosta Report Breaks Down Blurred Line Between Online and Brick-and-Mortar Shopping

January 16, 2020 Acosta

Online Grocery Pickup Accelerates Omnichannel Sales, a new report from Acosta — a leading full-service sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods industry — explores how the online shopping trend is fundamentally changing the way consumers shop for groceries.

Chasing Consumer Tastes is Driving Up Out-of-Stocks for Retailers

November 14, 2019 Park City Group

“Online grocery shopping is growing rapidly with year-over-year increases,” ReposiTrak Partner Joe Meherg told the audience gathered at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. “Out-of-stocks will only further drive shoppers away from brick-and-mortar stores.”

How is Online Shopping Changing Grocery Shopping?

Some grocery shoppers have been driven to try online shopping by promotions, advertising or even curiosity, only to revert back to their established, preferred habits of in-store food shopping. Only 10% of shoppers are frequent (at least once every two weeks) online shoppers.

Expanding Fulfillment Options, Online Assortment Will Drive Significant Growth of Online Grocery Sales Worldwide

September 4, 2019 Edge by Ascentia

While ecommerce continues to be the fastest-growing channel, the online shift of edible grocery (comprising food and beverage) has been relatively slow when compared to other categories.

US Online Grocery Survey 2019

May 14, 2019 Coresight

The number of US shoppers buying groceries online, even if only occasionally, is substantial and growing rapidly.