Three New Taiwan Orchid Varieties Pique Interest of European, US Buyers

A number of leading international flower retailers have expressed interest in procuring the new species, said the Council of Agriculture. The agency plans to work with the local flower farming industry in the cultivation of the orchids to help local businesses secure a competitive edge in the orchid market.

Orchid Industry Generates Substantial Profits For Growers In Ho Chi Minh City

May 8, 2019 Saigon Online

According to the city Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, though Vietnam is the sixth largest exporter of orchids worldwide, its value accounts for a small proportion compared to the Netherlands and Thailand because the country has a few kinds of orchids. Annually, the export value of the country’s orchid industry was more than $4 million every year, mostly to Japan and the US.

Oʻahu Orchid Industry in Decline

Statewide the production of flowers and other nursery products are worth more than $77 million, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Orchids make up almost 20 percent of that value.

Virginia Orchid Growers Dig Into A Thriving Market

February 6, 2019 Augusta Free Press

Move over poinsettias, because orchids are now the top-selling potted flower in the U.S. That shift opens the door for Virginia nurseries and greenhouses to branch out in the $288 million orchid industry.

Floricultura Introduces the Phalaenopsis Elastica series

February 1, 2019 Floricultura

Floricultura has launched the Phalaenopsis Elastica series at the IPM trade fair in Essen. It is a series of unique varieties; plants that are extremely suitable for creative applications such as cascades, arch shapes, mirror compositions and other elastic applications.