Organic Dairy Realized Both Higher Costs and Higher Gross and Net Returns Than Conventional Dairy Farms

Dairy farms in the United States have faced persistent economic pressures, which have been particularly acute for small commercial farms with 10-199 milk cows. The number of such farms fell by 37 percent between 2007 and 2017, according to USDA’s Census of Agriculture, and more have left the industry since. Milk production has shifted to much larger farms (with 1,000 cows or more), which realize much lower costs on average than smaller farms.

Bell & Evans Amid Construction of Impressive $ 330M Organic-Certified Chicken Harvesting Facility That Will Double Production

September 8, 2020 Bell & Evans

Premium poultry producer Bell & Evans began construction on a new 411,500 square foot, Organic-Certified Chicken Harvesting Facility in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania. The first precast walls were placed in July, and the facility will be operational by late 2021. The project will cost the company approximately $ 330 million and double its current production capacity.

Ohio Doesn’t Have Enough Organic Meat Certifiers to Meet Demand

September 2, 2020 ADORA NAMIGADDE, WOSU

Grocery stores have more organic options today than they did 10 years ago, and Ohio farmers are helping lead that change. Despite that demand, the state’s farmers are having a harder time certifying their livestock as such.

Duncan Family Farms Is First to Install Innovative Irrigation Water Treatment System

August 31, 2020 Duncan Family Farms

Duncan Family Farms announced the installation of a highly effective, controllable and transportable treatment system for irrigation water.

Sun Belle to Acquire CoolHouse Distribution Center in Laredo Texas, Adds Fifth Warehouse

August 19, 2020 Sun Belle Inc.

Berry marketer Sun Belle Inc. has agreed to acquire the business and property of CoolHouse Distribution Center, LLC in Laredo, Texas. The acquisition adds a fifth Sun Belle distribution center to company operated facilities in Jessup, Maryland; Miami, Florida; Schiller Park, Illinois; and Oxnard, California.