National Restaurant Association Releases Updated COVID-19 Operating Guidance with Latest OSHA Recommendations

The National Restaurant Association released its 6th edition COVID-19 Operating Guidance incorporating the latest operating information from safety experts for restaurants. The updates include the latest guidance and best practices on indoor dining, ventilation, mask use, encouraging vaccinations for employees, cleaning and sanitizing, hand washing, health monitoring, policies for ill or exposed employees, and COVID-19 precaution training.

Meat Institute: OSHA COVID-19 Citations are Confusing and Revisionist

September 14, 2020 North American Meat Institute

The North American Meat Institute (Meat Institute) today said the Washington Post missed the real story regarding confusing and revisionist Occupational and Safety Health Administration’s (OSHA) citations of two meat packing companies related to COVID-19.

Judge Dismisses Missouri Lawsuit Over Meat Worker Safety

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed on behalf of employees at a rural Missouri meatpacking facility, ruling that oversight of how the plant adheres to guidance aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus falls to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, not the courts.