Texas Primed to be Pearl in New Oyster Farming Industry

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that oysters are a staple in the Gulf Coast diet. That’s why it’s big news that Texas will finally be allowed to take part in and financially benefit from oyster farming.

WA Oyster Farmers Sacrifice Pesticide, Still Losing Ground to Shrimp

As an oyster farmer of more than 40 years, Dick Wilson knows well the havoc that burrowing shrimp can cause in oyster beds.

How to Breed a Better Oyster

Oyster hatcheries already try to breed animals with characteristics that make them more marketable, like meatier bodies or specific shell shapes. But the briney bivalves currently face threats from warming oceans and several parasitic diseases. The traits that could help them survive are harder to spot.

UC Davis Study Shows Effects Of Climate Change On Oyster Farming

A four-year academic study funded by California Sea Grant and conducted by lead researcher Ted Grosholz of UC Davis found that oyster habitats in bays and estuaries along the California coast can be impacted by climate change.

Georgia Oyster Farming Regulations Still in Development

There’s been progress on developing the process for legal oyster farming in Georgia, but it still has some ways to go.