Texas Oyster Farming Getting Back in Business Locally

August 31, 2020 Ashley Portillo, KRIS TV

Commercial oyster farming in Texas will officially open for business next week. It’s a locally-led effort that has been in the making for nearly three years, and legislation for it passed last year.

Seafood Study Finds Plastic in All Samples

August 14, 2020 University of Exeter

The study — by the University of Exeter and the University of Queensland — found plastic levels of 0.04 milligrams (mg) per gram of tissue in squid, 0.07mg in prawns, 0.1mg in oysters, 0.3mg in crabs and 2.9mg in sardines.

Oysterman Reflects on Moratorium of Apalachicola Bay Oyster Fishery

Due to water wars with neighboring Georgia and overfishing of the bay, the waves of success in the industry became rough, recently hitting a crash that will cease fishing in Apalachicola Bay until 2025.

Breeding More Nutritious Pacific Oysters

July 27, 2020 Erica Curles, Sciworthy

Growing Pacific oysters is a lucrative field, worth over a billion dollars in 2017. This means that there is a lot of pressure to constantly improve the quality and cost effectiveness of the product. But it’s not easy to produce high-quality animals because they have a genetic code that varies in between generations and individuals.

Apalachicola Bay oysters could be off the menu for up to five years

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission unanimously agreed Wednesday to issue an order that will ban the harvesting of wild oysters starting Aug. 1 from Apalachicola Bay as part of a $ 20 million restoration effort.