Climate Change, Development Batter Mississippi Delta Oysters

February 17, 2020 Josh Landis, PBS/Nexus Media

Record flooding, human-made channels and environmental disasters have exacerbated the already harsh effects of climate change in Louisiana’s Mississippi Delta, impacting the region’s coastal wildlife and seafood supplies.

R.I. Judge Rules That Oysters Qualify as Form of Livestock

You might not consider saltwater bivalves on par with any variety of cattle, goats or sheep, but a Superior Court ruling this week determined that is precisely what oysters constitute: livestock.

Fisheries and Fishermen Hard Hit by Decline of Oysters On Gulf Coast

December 2, 2019 DEBBIE ELLIOTT, WJCT

Record flooding on the Mississippi River sent too much fresh water into the Gulf of Mexico, killing oysters and crippling other seafood harvests that depend on saltwater to survive.

Low Salinity Wallops Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay

Rain has dealt a serious blow to the Chesapeake Bay’s oysters — and to the people who make a living harvesting, cultivating or restoring them.

November Marks the Start of Texas Oyster Season

The fall season also calls for oyster season and locals are preparing to get out on the water. November officially kicks off the season and the Texas Parks and Wildlife is reminding people of regulations for those hitting the water