MSC Suspends Certification of GOA Pacific Cod

Marine Stewardship Council officials have suspended their certification of Pacific cod stocks in the Gulf of Alaska region effective April 5 due to depressed stocks in the Gulf caused by a marine heat wave.

BBNC to Acquire Two Giants of Alaska’s Pacific Cod Fishery

September 19, 2019 ISABELLE ROSS, KDLG

The Bristol Bay Native Corporation has been working for a year to acquire two of the largest Pacific cod harvesters in the country. Now, it is about to close that deal.

Pacific Cod Fishery in Central GOA Closed Through December

September 6, 2019 The Cordova Times

Federal fisheries officials have issued a temporary closure rule on directed fishing for Pacific cod by catcher vessels using trawl gear in the Central Gulf of Alaska, extending from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31.