Bellegarde Bakery Joins Growing List of Closures for Now, Some for Good

Bellegarde, founded in New Orleans in 2013, provided stone-milled products to over 120 restaurants and markets in Louisiana prior to the pandemic.

AIB International Launches Pandemic Prepared Certification

July 22, 2020 AIB International

AIB International has launched the Pandemic Prepared Certification. This is the first certification standard created for the food and beverage supply chain that elevates critical planning for people, facilities and production inputs and delivers significant social impacts, builds bottom line resiliency, and unlocks insurance benefits.

Retail So Long, Salad Bar: Grocers Get Creative, Consider Robots to Revive Prepared Food Amid Pandemic

June 23, 2020 Melissa Repko, CNBC

Grocery stores have shut down self-serve salad bars during the pandemic. They’ve taken away displays of fresh olives and dips. And they’ve replaced giant kettles of ready-to-ladle hot soup with sealed to-go containers.

The Pandemic Shows Us the Genius of Supermarkets

in recent months, the supermarket has assumed a new centrality in Americans’ lives. Cashiers, stockers, distributors, wholesalers, packers, pickers, and truck drivers have, even in the absence of adequate health safeguards, continued working to ensure that shelves stay stocked.

Survey of Cheese Industry Reveals Economic Impact of Pandemic

In an effort to better understand the economic impact of coronavirus on the cheese industry, the American Cheese Society (ACS) released a survey to members across the nation titled “COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the American Cheese Industry: Business Operations.” Conducted in May 2020, the survey compiled data from nearly 1,000 members including producers, distributors and buyers.