New Paper Clamshell from Jacobs Farm del Cabo

May 19, 2021 Jacobs Farm del Cabo

Jacobs Farm del Cabo is excited to introduce a paper-based clamshell under the del Cabo brand as an alternative to single-use plastic clamshells. In this year alone, the new paperboard pack is projected to reduce the company’s plastic waste by half a million pounds.

Graphic Packaging International Adds Innovative Paperboard Punnet to Sustainable ProducePack Portfolio

Fiber-based packaging leader Graphic Packaging International is pleased to announce the launch of its ProducePack™ Punnet, an innovative paperboard alternative to plastic punnet trays for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Graphic Packaging International Launches Paperboard Innovation ProducePack For Fresh Produce

Paper-based packaging leader, Graphic Packaging International (‘Graphic Packaging’) is proud to announce the launch of ProducePack™, a sustainable paperboard packaging range of solutions for fresh produce.

Dairy Delivers for Paperboard Container Manufacturers

IDFA continues to demonstrate that the dairy industry has a powerful economic impact – $620 billion in total – on the American economy. Did you know that dairy also indirectly supports unique industries across the nation, like paperboard container manufacturers?