Pear Bureau Northwest Releases How-to Videos for School Foodservice

July 31, 2019 Pear Bureau Northwest

With the 2019-20 pear season season just around the corner, Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) is ramping up its outreach to foodservice professionals. One of the newest initiatives is a series of tutorial videos aimed at providing pear ripening, serving, and nutritional tips to professionals in schools.

Pear Bureau Northwest Launches Shoppable Recipe Technology on Website

July 19, 2019 Pear Bureau Northwest

The tool allows visitors to the website to purchase ingredients from the online retailer of their choice directly from the recipe page, making for a seamless and efficient pear-purchasing experience.

Pear Industry Elects New Officers For 2019-20 Season

June 14, 2019 Pear Bureau Northwest

On Thursday, May 30th, the pear industry elected new officers during their annual meeting in Portland, OR. With the full confidence of the marketing organization, the newly elected officers to the Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) will lead the board, and the newly elected officers to the Fresh Pear Committee (FPC) will lead the committee in accordance with Marketing Order 927: Pears Grown in Oregon and Washington.

Northwest Fresh Pear Crop Estimate For 2019 Harvest Announced

June 11, 2019 Pear Bureau Northwest

During the annual Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) meeting held in Portland, OR on May 30th, industry members compiled the first official estimate of the 2019-20 fresh pear crop for Washington and Oregon. Pear growers and producers from Washington’s Wenatchee and Yakima districts and Oregon’s Mid-Columbia and Medford districts estimated this year’s fresh pear harvest at 17.3 million standard box equivalents (averaging 44 lbs), or approximately 380,000 tons of fresh pears. The estimate will mark a 9% decrease from the 2018 harvest and will be 6% below the five-year average.

Pear Bureau Northwest Celebrates National Nutrition Months

January 31, 2019 Pear Bureau Northwest

During the month of February and throughout the springtime, Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) is focusing promotional efforts on the importance of maintaining a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle. The efforts will take a multi-channel approach through retailer demos and displays, targeted digital ad campaigns, and editorial and social media with a synchronized message highlighting the flavor, versatility and nutritional benefits of pears.