Perdue Celebrates Completion of $ 25M Expansion of Dillon, S.C. Operation

April 15, 2019 Perdue Farms

The S.C. Department of Commerce and Governor Henry McMaster today announced that Perdue Farms has completed a $25 million expansion at its harvest operation in Dillon County, creating 100 additional jobs. The company produces a variety of no-antibiotics-ever chicken products for retail and food service customers.

Perdue Looks to Niman Ranch Head in Bid to Gain Premium Chicken Shoppers

With the U.S. awash in cheap protein, chicken giant Perdue Farms Inc. is targeting shoppers willing to pay a premium for humane treatment of livestock.

Perdue Unveils a More Humane Chicken Slaughter Process

Perdue and its subsidiaries already sell organic and antibiotic-free birds and products certified by the nonprofit Global Animal Partnership. On Tuesday, the company announced it’s further improving the final hours of its chickens’ lives with a more than $20 million investment in the installation of a fully integrated bird transportation system at its Milford, Delaware plant.

Perdue Advances Its Industry Leading Animal Welfare Program

February 26, 2019 Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms has followed up its 2018 move to controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS) at its Milford, Del., plant with the country’s first system to further improve live bird handling, beginning at the farm. The milestone at the country’s largest organic poultry plant makes Perdue the only major poultry company to use CAS with a fully-integrated transportation system of higher-welfare modular containers and specially designed trailers.

Perdue Owns Digital Dinnertime With Recipe Targeting Strategy

January 31, 2019 Chicory

Contemplating how to make your brand stand out is as existential as it gets for marketers. As you think of ways to outdo your last campaign, you might sit and ask yourself, “what’s our purpose?” Except you’re thinking about the meaning of chicken and not the meaning of life.