SCS Global Services Verifies Lufa Farms’ Marketplace Produce as Pesticide Residue Free

July 14, 2022 LUFA FARMS

Lufa Farms is proud to announce that SCS Global Services is now certifying Pesticide Residue Free fruits and vegetables sold on their online Marketplace. They are the only farmers’ market in Canada that have implemented this certification, which verifies the absence of residual synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Organic and Pesticide Residue Free certification logos will be displayed on their website’s Marketplace product pages.

Industry Leaders Welcome New Study of Save Foods’ Treatment Showing Extended Shelf-Life of Mangos While Virtually Eliminating Post-Harvest Pesticides

June 23, 2022 Save Foods

Save Foods, an agri-food tech company specializing in eco crop protection that helps to reduce food waste and ensure food safety, announced results of an independent study that shows Save Foods’ treatment can extend the shelf life and freshness of mangos while virtually eliminating the use of post-harvest pesticides.

New Ultrasensitive Detector by Photonics21 Claims to Discover Pesticides And Bacteria 50 to 100 Times Quicker than Existing Technologies

October 1, 2021 Photonics21

A new ultrasensitive detector harnesses light particles to spot the tiniest traces of pesticide or bacteria in minutes – 50 to 100 times quicker than existing technologies.

Walmart Announces Industry-Leading Policy to Protect Pollinators From Pesticides

April 13, 2021 Friends of the Earth

The new policy seeks to help protect bees and other pollinators that are essential to one in three bites of food production. As the largest U.S. food retailer, Walmart’s commitment will help transform growing practices on thousands of farms globally that supply fresh fruits and vegetables to the retail giant’s U.S. consumers.