De Dutch Partners with Egg Farmers of Canada to Bring Egg Quality Assurance Certification to its Restaurants Throughout Western Canada

October 14, 2021 Egg Farmers of Canada

Egg Farmers of Canada is pleased to announce a partnership with De Dutch who are now featuring the Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA®) certification mark on their menus within their restaurants throughout British Columbia and Alberta. These efforts demonstrate De Dutch’s commitment to sourcing top-quality, local products, produced to high-standards and the importance they place on supporting Canadian farmers and by extension, other local businesses.

BlueNalu Announces Framework for Food Safety and Quality Assurance for Cell-Cultured Seafood, and Commitment to GFSI Third-Party Certification

July 1, 2021 BlueNalu

BlueNalu, a leading innovative food company developing a variety of seafood products directly from fish cells, announced today its framework designed to achieve a premier standard of food safety, quality, and traceability for its cell-cultured seafood production.

Butter Criticism is on the Rise in Canada

February 15, 2021 RFD-TV

A food blogger has spurred questions on whether Canadian produced butter has changed in flavor and consistency at room temperature.,

Dulcinea Farms adds Sandra Sanchez to Team

Dulcinea Farms™, part of Pacific Trellis Fruit, has brought on Sandra Sanchez as Director of Quality Assurance.