Smithfield Foods Announces New Recyclable Packaging and Plastic Reduction Commitments

March 16, 2021 Smithfield Foods

Smithfield Foods, Inc. today announced bold new commitments it will implement across its portfolio by 2030: to achieve consumer packaging that is 90% recyclable, reusable or industrially compostable and to halve use of virgin petroleum-based plastic.

DS Smith Introduces Greentote, the First 100% Recyclable Alternative to Plastic Bags for Grocery Pickup or Delivery

March 5, 2021 DS Smith

As more states, counties and cities ban plastic bags, DS Smith, the leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions, now is offering grocery stores and consumers Greentote, the first reusable, moisture-resistant, modular, 100% recyclable container made from renewable resources.

Sev-Rend Announces New Sustainable Packaging Line – Bio-Able Solutions

February 9, 2021 Sev-Rend

Sev-Rend High-Performance Packaging has continuously made their mark in the packaging world over the past 26 year, especially in the produce industry. Sev-Rend is now looking to move the needle even further with their introduction of their new Bio-Able Solutions product line.

Starr Ranch Growers Offers First Recyclable Pouch Bag With Emoji Characters

September 24, 2020 Starr Ranch Growers

Starr Ranch Growers is expanding its Emoji character offerings to a new 100 percent recyclable pouch bag.