UNFI and Symbotic Announce Agreement to Implement Industry-Leading Warehouse Automation Systems

September 27, 2022 United Natural Foods

United Natural Foods, Inc. and Symbotic Inc. announced that they have entered into a commercial agreement to implement Symbotic’s A.I.-powered robotics and software automation in five of UNFI’s distribution centers over the next four years. Under the agreement, UNFI also has an option to implement Symbotic’s warehouse automation systems in additional distribution centers.

Restaurant Robots Can Soon Replace Key Jobs

September 22, 2022 Capterra

As labor shortages and rising costs continue to cut into profit margins, restaurants are looking for ways to improve their business model—and automation is increasingly looking like a viable solution. From conversational AI drive-thrus to full-service fry cook robots, the possibilities are endless, but not all roles can be replaced. Capterra’s 2022 Restaurant Automation Survey found that more than half of restaurant leaders say front-of-house restaurant workers can easily be automated with today’s technology, but some disciplines remain currently irreplaceable.

Compass Group Canada and SJW Robotics Announce Exclusive Partnership to Introduce a Revolutionary 24-Hour, Automated Kitchen

July 14, 2022 Compass Group Canada

Compass Group Canada and SJW Robotics announced an exclusive partnership where the global food service leader will pilot three 24/7 autonomous kitchen robots named RoWok™ in select Canadian operations. The partnership is aimed at addressing a gap in food service – where warm, fresh, customizable meals are not available – providing a welcome option for healthcare workers on a night shift or students studying after hours.

GFS Partnership Addresses Industry Labor Shortage with Robotic Food Prepping

June 22, 2022 JAYSON BUSSA, MiBiz

As a food distributor serving a large swath of the country, Gordon Food Service Inc. is closely involved with the pain points facing restaurants and food service operations.

Remy Robotics Exits Stealth Mode With Launch of Third Autonomous Robotic Kitchen

May 26, 2022 Remy Robotics

Remy Robotics, a food technology startup leading the disruption of delivery-only restaurants through the use of adaptive robotics and culinary engineering, today exited stealth mode with the opening of a third autonomous robotic kitchen. With over 60,000 robot-cooked dishes sold and top customer ratings across all major delivery apps,