La Brea Bakery Expanding Popular Take & Bake Bread Portfolio

April 27, 2021 La Brea Bakery

La Brea Bakery, North America’s #1 artisan bread brand, announced today that it has expanded its popular Take & Bake portfolio with the launch of six new breads. The new food offerings include two different sandwich rolls, three rolls, and a new twin pack baguette.

Bakery’s Abrupt Closure Leaves Several Williamsport Sub Shops, Restaurants Helpless

April 2, 2021 Peggy Lee, WNEP

Lycoming Bakery in South Williamsport has halted all production of bread, leaving several restaurants and shops that rely on it stunned with sudden closure.

How Merzbacher’s Bread Bakery Runs Philly’s Cheesesteak Scene

March 29, 2021 Eater

“We have vents that vent out oven exhaust, and people will wander around until they find an entrance and ask ‘do you sell bread here?’” says Merzbacher’s bakery owner Pete Merzbacher. “I don’t think every food does that, but bread does.”

Calise Bakery is Still Making Bread and Rolls in R.I. After 112 Years

Anyone standing at a grocery store deli has no doubt looked down to see familiar packaging offering Calise Bakery rolls. Bulkies, split sub or Italian, the bags have the Calise name circled in red and green with a red star over the i.