80,000 Free Tulips Delight 30-35,000 San Franciscans on American Tulip Day

March 9, 2023 Royal Anthos

On Saturday, March 4, 2023, 30-35,000 people gathered at Union Square in San Francisco, CA, to pick a free bouquet from the 80,000 tulips donated in honor of International Women’s Day. The event aimed to brighten moods, kick off spring and celebrate inspirational women. Royal Anthos presented this free event with help from the Netherlands Consulate in San Francisco, San Francisco Recreation and Parks, and the Union Square Alliance.

80,000 Tulips to Illuminate San Francisco’s Union Square on American Tulip Day in Celebration of International Women’s Day

February 27, 2023 Royal Anthos

On March 4, 2023, American Tulip Day is returning to San Francisco. Union Square will be transformed by 80,000 American-grown tulips, grown from Dutch bulbs, in honor of International Women’s Day. The public is invited to come and pick a free bouquet of tulips for themselves or as a gift to a woman who has inspired them this past year.

Flower Bulb Day To Blanket San Francisco’s Union Square With 100K Colorful Tulips On Saturday, March 7

February 25, 2020 iBulb

Public invited to pick their own bouquet of free tulips to take home; Flower Bulb Day 2020 presented by Royal Anthos, with additional backing and support from the European Union

100,000 Free Tulips Turn the Heart of San Francisco into a Pop-Up Garden

This past weekend, seven thousand people visited San Francisco’s Union Square to pick a free bouquet of tulips during the second annual American Tulip Day. One hundred thousand tulips created a vibrant carpet of pink, red, yellow, and orange flowers grown in the United States from tulip bulbs exported from the Netherlands.