Don’t Overlook Foodservice-at-Retail in the Path Forward

If you told me this time last year that the salad bar would be just a memory and that there would be a run on yeast for homemade bread, I would have thought that you might have imbibed too much spiked eggnog or stayed up too late wrapping presents.

Grocers Pulling Out Stops to Keep Salad Bars Going

Grocery stores are doing whatever it takes — including deploying robots — to save their lucrative salad bars from becoming a relic of pre-pandemic shopping.

Retail So Long, Salad Bar: Grocers Get Creative, Consider Robots to Revive Prepared Food Amid Pandemic

June 23, 2020 Melissa Repko, CNBC

Grocery stores have shut down self-serve salad bars during the pandemic. They’ve taken away displays of fresh olives and dips. And they’ve replaced giant kettles of ready-to-ladle hot soup with sealed to-go containers.

Tour de Fresh Connects With 2019 Salad Bar School District Recipients

Since 2014, Tour de Fresh, a four-day cycling event presented by the California Giant Foundation, has donated more than 230 salad bars across the nation to help increase children’s consumption of fruits and vegetables. This year, Tour de Fresh expects to provide at least 50 salad bars to schools across the nation in California, Georgia, Ohio, Texas and Michigan, benefiting more than 25,000 students.