FISH FACTOR: Pink Surge, Strong Sockeye Harvest Beats 2021 Forecast

Alaska’s 2021 salmon harvest has blown past the forecast and by Aug. 27 had topped 201 million fish, well above the 190 million projected at the start of the season.

Fish Factor: Statewide Salmon Harvest Far Exceeds 2020 Catch

Alaska’s salmon landings have passed the season’s midpoint and by Aug. 7 the statewide catch had topped 116 million fish. State managers are calling for a projected total 2021 harvest of 190 million salmon, a 61% increase over 2020.

ADF&G Data Show 2020’s Southeast Salmon Harvest Among Worst on Record

March 29, 2021 Sage Smiley, KSTK

A special report released in March paints a stark picture of 2020’s salmon harvest in Southeast Alaska.

Alaska’s Salmon Harvest For 2021 is Projected to be a Big One

Alaska’s salmon harvest for 2021 is projected to be a big one, with total catches producing a haul that could be 61% higher than last year, due mostly to an expected surge of pinks.