North Coast Seafoods Proudly Offers Organic Scottish Salmon, the “Wagyu of Salmon”

October 20, 2022 North Coast Seafoods

Sourcing Certified Sustainable Seafood that is both environmentally-harmonious and socially-responsible is not a new approach for Boston, MA-based North Coast Seafoods, who have embraced their mission of “Seafood with Integrity” since 1957. This dedication to continuous advancement has led North Coast to the next level of quality with their new ocean-raised Certified Organic Salmon, which is now available for grocery retailers, restaurants, and seafood enthusiasts across America.

Northern Ireland Protocol: Scottish Salmon Sector Fears ‘Trade War’

Scotland’s salmon sector has raised fears of a “trade war” with the European Union being triggered by the UK Government over the Northern Ireland protocol, warning this could have a “devastating impact on Britain’s export market”.