SeaChoice Commends ASC’s Decision to Stop Making Changes to Standard Rules Behind Closed Doors

November 6, 2020 SeaChoice

SeaChoice welcomes the news that the Aquaculture Stewardship Council is going to open up its process for granting exemptions from standard requirements for the certification of farms. The ASC, one of the most recognized eco-certifications for farmed seafood, announced last week that it will stop making decisions on exemptions, termed ‘variances’, behind closed doors and instead seek input from civil society and technical experts.

New Report Finds Consumers at Risk, as Retailers Carry Seafood Displaying Questionable Environmental Claims

September 14, 2020 SeaChoice

Major brands label seafood with questionable environmental claims with the potential to mislead Canadian shoppers, according to a first-of-its-kind report released today by the sustainable seafood watchdog SeaChoice.

SeaChoice Examines Canadian Grocers’ Seafood Commitments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

August 31, 2020 SeaChoice

SeaChoice found little to celebrate in its third annual report on the progress major Canadian retailers are making to meet their seafood commitments. The report, released today, noted greater transparency from some retailers, but only a 3.3 per cent improvement in performance over all indicators.

ASC Response to SeaChoice Statement on Updates to the ASC Salmon Standard

“ASC welcomes constructive feedback from all its varied stakeholders, and notes that SeaChoice continues to consider ASC’s standards more rigorous than other aquaculture certifications. However, SeaChoice’s criticism of the latest changes to the ASC Salmon Standard includes misleading inaccuracies and seeks to pre-emptively undermine the progress that will be made in addressing sealice with the new approach.”

Consumers Expect Sustainable Seafood. Are Retailers Up To The Challenge?

July 3, 2019 SeaChoice

For its second year of assessments, Seafood Progress noted scores for transparency and accountability improved for many of Canada’s largest food retailers. METRO, Loblaw and Save-On Foods received the highest overall scores, with METRO showing the greatest year-to-year improvement.