Seattle Fish Co.’s Ken Boyer Becomes First Industry Leader to Hold WAFDO Presidency

July 11, 2023 Seattle Fish Co.

The Western Association of Food & Drug Officials (WAFDO) changes bylaws to appoint Seattle Fish Co.’s Ken Boyer as 2023 President. As the first ever industry member to hold an officer position, Boyer draws on 30+ years of seafood industry experience to bring a fresh perspective to the organization that is tasked with keeping the Western region’s food supply safe. 

Colorado’s Leading Seafood Supplier Sets the Bar for Sustainability

May 11, 2023 Seattle Fish Co.

Colorado’s largest seafood supplier, Seattle Fish Co., paves the way for sustainable seafood nationwide. For the first time ever, Seattle Fish Co. measures their overall impact based on pounds of carbon dioxide (emitted both within their own operation and in their supply chain) in their public 2022 Impact Report.

Denver’s Seattle Fish Company Announces New Director of Operations

March 2, 2023 Seattle Fish Company

Denver-based Seattle Fish Company appoints Chris Franklin as the sustainable seafood supplier’s new Director of Operations. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience in the retail food industry with several roles across the U.S, Franklin brings his people-centric approach, operations expertise, and high standards for quality and accuracy to Seattle Fish Company’s 105-year-old brand. Franklin’s career has always been fueled by his passion for food and people, and that will continue to serve as a compass in this new role.  

New NFI Chair Highlights Market Data and Expert Insights Available at Virtual GSMC

“Seattle Fish has a legacy of using technology and engagement to do more in the seafood space,” said Figueroa. “In 1918 this company created a cold chain system that used rail cars, sawdust and ice to transport fresh seafood to the landlocked state of Colorado. We were getting customers what they needed. That’s what NFI is doing with the Virtual Global Seafood Market Conference.