Oystermen Overcome Pollution, Pandemic to Thrive in Long Island Sound

Connecticut’s oyster industry is once again thriving, about 25 years after it almost disappeared, decimated by MSX, a parasitic disease that attacks oysters.

‘Choose Local Fish’ Initiative Promotes Demand For Fish and Shellfish Sourced On Long Island

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, NY (CCE Suffolk) is conducting a “Choose Local F.I.S.H.” initiative that aims to increase demand among Long Islanders for locally harvested, wild-caught and grown seafood and shellfish.

NC Commercial Fishermen Landed Less Seafood Last Year

August 2, 2021 Coastal Review

Commercial fishers sold to seafood dealers nearly 20% less fish and shellfish last year, while recreational landings remained roughly the same.

Culprit Behind Summer Mass Shellfish Mortality Events in Washington Discovered

July 7, 2021 Washington Sea Grant

In a new paper, scientists outline how certain algae species could have killed off oysters and clams in summer mortality events that have occurred since the 1930s.

Best First Half-Year of All Time for Norwegian Seafood Exports

The export value of Norwegian seafood has never been higher in the first half of the year than in 2021. In the first six months of the year, Norway exported seafood worth NOK 53.7 billion. This represents a growth in value of just over 1 per cent, or NOK 646 million, when measured against the first half of last year.