Meijer Expands “Shop & Scan” to All Ohio Stores

August 2, 2019 Meijer

Meijer is expanding a new checkout option today to all its stores in Ohio. The innovative mobile shopping app, called Shop & Scan, allows customers to shop and bag as they go, giving them the opportunity to avoid lines and personalize their shopping visit depending on their day.

Meijer Launches “Shop & Scan” in Chicagoland Area

March 12, 2019 Meijer

Shop & Scan enables users to scan bar codes on items via a mobile app and place in their digital cart. A running total of items purchased is available as customers shop throughout the store, scanning and bagging their groceries. Once a customer has completed their shopping, they simply scan their phone at a self-checkout lane and pay, making the checkout experience quick and easy.