Side Delights Offers Solutions For Five 2019 Top Food Trends

Side Delights® fresh potato products respond to the 2019 top trends of convenience, organic, plant-based, regional flavors, and foods for sensitive stomachs in their portfolio of products.

Side Delights Forms Partnership With Mushroom Growers to Create First of its Kind In-Store Promotion

Side Delights® potato farmers have teamed up with mushroom growers to create an in-store promotion with seven original recipes for “A Week’s Worth of Yum.” The program includes a point-of-sale merchandiser with a tear-off recipe card featuring a recipe and a URL to download the Week’s Worth of Yum e-book.

Side Delights Drives Consumers Into Brick & Mortar Stores for the Products they don’t Purchase Online

With the Millennial generation alone standing strong at 92 million people and more than $600 billion in purchasing power, this generation, in particular, wants convenient packaging.2 Side Delights® packaging satisfies this want through its convenience-oriented product lines.