Side Delights “Adopt a Potato Farmer” Responds to Shoppers Seeking Locally Grown Produce

September 17, 2019 Fresh Solutions Network

The program paired regional food bloggers with Network farmers to share their stories about growing Side Delights® potatoes. In turn, the blogger shared their stories and farm favorite recipes with their audiences across their website, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter channels targeting in excess of 2 million views over the next 60 days.

Side Delights Offers Solutions For Five 2019 Top Food Trends

Side Delights® fresh potato products respond to the 2019 top trends of convenience, organic, plant-based, regional flavors, and foods for sensitive stomachs in their portfolio of products.

Side Delights Forms Partnership With Mushroom Growers to Create First of its Kind In-Store Promotion

Side Delights® potato farmers have teamed up with mushroom growers to create an in-store promotion with seven original recipes for “A Week’s Worth of Yum.” The program includes a point-of-sale merchandiser with a tear-off recipe card featuring a recipe and a URL to download the Week’s Worth of Yum e-book.

Side Delights Drives Consumers Into Brick & Mortar Stores for the Products they don’t Purchase Online

With the Millennial generation alone standing strong at 92 million people and more than $600 billion in purchasing power, this generation, in particular, wants convenient packaging.2 Side Delights® packaging satisfies this want through its convenience-oriented product lines.