20 Years of Quality and Freshness with SmartFresh

July 28, 2023 AgroFresh 

In 2003, AgroFresh first launched its flagship ripening management solution SmartFresh™, the premier ethylene post-harvest management tool for fruits, vegetables and florals. SmartFresh puts the ripening process “on hold” so that softening and over-ripening occur much more slowly, as part of its normal freshness cycle. Since then, AgroFresh has pioneered numerous scientific and commercial applications of SmartFresh to keep produce fresher, longer.

University of California, Davis Study Confirms Better Market Life for Plums Treated with AgroFresh’s SmartFresh™ Quality System

October 6, 2020 AgroFresh

New research conducted by the University of California, Davis found significant quality benefits for plums and pluots using the SmartFresh™ Quality System, an industry-trusted solution that allows growers, packers and retailers to better manage ripening from the field to the consumer.

Fisher Ranch Expands Its Business Using AgroFresh’s Flagship Technology to Deliver High Quality Melons

June 4, 2020 AgroFresh

With the use of SmartFresh technology, California-based Fisher Ranch has created new business opportunities by extending the storage window and gaining improved inventory flexibility.