SAF Members to Elect New Leaders

Summer means it’s selection season at the Society of American Florists. Voting members received an election ballot via email on Friday, July 19 to choose the next growers, retailers and wholesalers who will represent them on SAF’s Councils.

For Growers, Outstanding Varieties Provides Opportunity to Stand Apart

Toward the end of 2018, Juan David Lecuona began fielding hundreds of queries from industry members hungry for more information on ‘Alma’— a bright white chrysanthemum with a perfectly green center grown by his company, Deliflor Latin America.

The reason for that spike in interest? In September, ‘Alma’ scored Best in Show honors during the Society of American Florists’ annual Outstanding Varieties Competition.

Veteran Event Florist Shares Tricks, Tools and Time-Savers

During “Wedding Designs, Tricks and Tools You’ll Love,” Loann Burke will demonstrate exactly this kind of client-pleasing technique and showcase new products that will help you minimize labor and costs while maximizing your customers’ budgets. She’ll also lead the add-on “Hands-On Workshop: Bouquets & Bouts.” Burke’s presentations are sponsored by Smithers-Oasis.

Major Media Coverage Touts Flowers’ Stress-Busting Powers

In early April, a team of ambassadors representing the Society of American Florists trekked through the Pacific Northwest in a vintage-style van — “The Flower Power Mobile” — offering unsuspecting people free flowers and tips to alleviate stress. Their journey from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon to Seattle spurred a flurry of news stories in the region’s biggest media markets, as journalists clamored to cover not only the visually compelling vehicle and bouquet giveaways, but also the scientific research supporting flowers’ stress-reducing powers.

SAF Kicks Off Stress Awareness Month with ‘Flower Power Mobile’

According to recent studies, eight out of 10 Americans feel stressed out — many of them chronically (68 percent experience stress weekly and 32 percent endure it daily). To call attention to the widespread problem with serious repercussions, health professionals have designated April “Stress Awareness Month.”