North Country Smokehouse Wins 2023 sofi Award for New Product Category

June 23, 2023 North Country Smokehouse

The Specialty Food Association (SFA) awarded North Country Smokehouse the prestigious sofi ™ Award for the New Product category. The sofi ™ Awards, short for Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation, recognizes creativity and culinary excellence within the specialty food industry.

Gem City Fine Foods Wins Third Sofi Award

May 17, 2021 Gem City Fine Foods

Gem City Fine Foods, LLC, a West Valley City, UT commercial bakery with administrative offices in Laramie, WY has won a third Specialty Food Association Sofi Award, this year for their innovative Pomegranate Cheesecake, a rich and tangy pink pomegranate cheesecake base on a GF cookie dough crust complemented by a sour cream topping.

Cypress Grove Chevre’s Fog Lights Wins New Product sofi Award

May 14, 2021 Cypress Grove Chevre

Cypress Grove Chevre is thrilled that Fog Lights, its newest addition to the Humboldt Fog family of cheeses, won the New Product sofi Award in the Cheese, Non-Cow Milk / Mixed Milk category.

St Pierre Belgian Waffle Wins Gold sofi Award in Breakfast Category

September 9, 2020 Carrs Foods International

St Pierre Belgian Waffle with Butter has won the gold award in the Breakfast Food category as part of the Specialty Food Association’s 2020 sofi™ Awards, distinguishing it from nearly 2,000 entries across 39 product categories.

Prairie Farms Cheese Division ‘Caves of Faribault’ Wins Bronze sofi Award

August 31, 2020 Prairie Farms Dairy

Prairie Farms’ Cheese Division, Caves of Faribault, has won the bronze award in the ‘Cheese – Cow Milk’ category as part of the Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) 2020 sofi™ Awards, a top honor in the $ 158 billion specialty food industry.