Miyoko’s Creamery Announces Launch of Plant Milk Cheese Spreads

September 15, 2023 Miyoko's Creamery

Miyoko’s Creamery, announced the launch of their Plant Milk Cheese Spreads, a snackable addition to the brand’s delicious product line. The new spreads are all crafted using time-honored cheesemaking techniques from a rich, creamy base of organic cultured cashew milk. Inspired by the award-winning, best-selling artisan cheese wheels and Roadhouse Cheddar, these plant milk cheese spreads are sure to spark spontaneous snacking.

Making Butter-like Spreads Healthier

September 23, 2022 Jan Suszkiw, USDA ARS

A dollop of margarine or spread can go a long way to livening up a slice of toast, a piping hot ear of corn or other food. But that enhanced flavor can also come with a side helping of worry over consuming saturated fats, which are used as solidifying agents in some margarines and spreads and give them their butter-like properties.

Hall’s Beer Cheese Wins Annual World Beer Cheese Festival with their Hot-n-Snappy Beer Cheese

July 20, 2022 Hall’s Beer Cheese

Hall’s Beer Cheese, the favorite dip and spread of every tailgate and summer BBQ, took home the crown at the Annual Beer Cheese Festival on June 11, 2022. The festival, which is the only one in the world, holds contests for both amateur and professional beer cheese makers. This year, the judges selected Hall’s Hot-n-Snappy Beer Cheese as the best beer cheese in the land.

Litehouse Launches Delicious New Dips & Spreads

May 24, 2022 Litehouse

Litehouse Inc. unveiled a new line of thick and creamy Litehouse Dips & Spreads which complements the brand’s breadth of product offerings. The new dip and spreads line features bold flavors for every dip-worthy occasion and brings the delicious taste of Litehouse dressings to the dip and spread category. 

Challenge Butter Introduces New Line of Dessert and Seasoned Snack Spreads

March 30, 2022 Challenge Butter

Challenge Butter, a leading U.S. farmer-owned butter brand, today announced the launch of Challenge Butter Snack Spreads. These new spreads make consumers’ favorite sweet and savory flavor profiles, ranging from Chocolate and Salted Caramel to Everything and Buffalo, available in a Challenge Butter-based spread.