Land-based Gold River Aquafarms Project Could Provide up to 100 jobs in Vancouver

A company working to establish a land-based steelhead aquaculture facility in Gold River has a site and backers for its operation, but is still waiting on regulatory approval to launch.

Cooke Aquaculture Applies to Modify Permits For Steelhead Farming in Puget Sound

April 22, 2020 Bainbridge Island Review

Cooke Aquaculture wants to use its fish farming pens off the southern coast of Bainbridge Island to raise rainbow trout, officials with the Washington Department of Ecology said Tuesday, and has submitted applications to the state requesting modifications to its existing water quality permits for its Bainbridge operation and three other net pens in Puget Sound.

Hudson-Based Fishery Champions Sustainable New York Steelhead

Thanks to a science-minded gentleman farmer named John Ng, Hudson Valley Fisheries in Hudson supplies 15,000 to 20,000 pounds of fresh, local steelhead a week to restaurant kitchens and grocers on the East Coast. In June, at full capacity, that quantity will grow to 40-50,000 pounds weekly.

Cooke Aquaculture Now Wants to Farm Steelhead

Cooke Aquaculture is exploring something that has put environmental activists on alert: the possibility of transitioning its remaining net pens to farm native steelhead trout.