Stemilt Fast Facts: The Cast Sees Exciting Opportunities in Apple Volumes for Retailers

December 22, 2021 Stemilt

Fast Facts: The Cast met one last time for the year of 2022 to wrap up the fall season and analyze the last 12 weeks of data from Nielson retail scan data. Stemilt marketing director Brianna Shales and newly named allocations specialist, Katie Harmon, sat down to discuss a shorter national apple crop and exciting opportunities for retailers to move apple volumes this holiday season in this 3-minute video.

March 2020 Retail Surge Shuffles Apple Performance But Summer Opportunities Abound

April 23, 2021 Stemilt

The most recent Stemilt Fast Facts: The Cast reveals that summer apple promotions should be planned out now for continued category success. Stemilt marketing director, Brianna Shales and Katie Harmon, communications manager, join in a video chat to analyze the most recent Nielsen retail scan data from January 16 to April 3 and provides retailers insights on apple category performance.