Appharvest Opens 30-Acre High-Tech Indoor Farm to Grow Strawberries and Cucumbers in Somerset, KY

November 4, 2022 AppHarvest

Somerset is third in AppHarvest’s expected four-farm network scheduled to open this year,
which will include 165 acres helping to make AppHarvest
a leading controlled environment agriculture (CEA) producer

California Strawberry Commission Congratulates Former Board Chair for Special Honor

Former California Strawberry Commission Chairman and longtime Board member, Neil Nagata was honored as the San Diego County Farm Bureau Farmer of the Year.

80 Acres Farms Introduces Vertically Farmed Strawberries to the Produce Aisle

October 28, 2022 80 Acres Farms

80 Acres Farms, an Ohio-based leader in vertical farming, is announcing a new harvest—Strawberry Sparklers, which will soon be available from retailers across Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. 

Fresh Canadian Strawberries Now Available Year-Round at Walmart Canada

There’s nothing sweeter than strawberry season. That’s why strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in Canada with the average Canadian consuming around three kilograms annually.

Extended California Peak Strawberry Season is Sweet News for Consumers

To meet increasing consumer demand for the sweet, red berry everybody loves, California strawberry production is expected to hit its second highest season on record, extending peak season well into fall. As the country’s leading producer of strawberries growing 90% of all strawberries produced in the U.S., consumers can expect to see abundant availability in local grocery stores across the country.