Ever Tru Farms Launches in Ontario, Revolutionizing the North American Strawberry Category

January 19, 2022 Paul J. Mastronardi 

Ever Tru Farms, a new Ontario-based and entirely vertically integrated berry producer of scale, has entered the market in a way that will revolutionize the strawberry market in North America. Ever Tru Farms will launch with its first crop this March, using a sustainable hydroponic growing process that leads to a better, more consistent, and locally grown product.

Bobalu Berry Farms Shares 2022 Expansions

January 18, 2022 Bobalu Berry Farms

As Bobalu Berry Farms reflects on their 60-year anniversary coming into the 2022 season, the Jones Family views 2021 as the real milestone year completing the transition to a fully integrated company.   

Sustainable Methods are at the Forefront of Hoogstraten Strawberry Production

January 10, 2022 Hoogstraten

The cooperative based near Antwerp, in Belgium continuously works according to sustainable methods and stimulates sustainable entrepreneurship amongst their growers. Examples of methods adopted by growers include bee pollination and using environmentally friendly biologicals to control harmful insects. It is the role of Hoogstraten to support all members with targeted advice about the use of natural resources and CO2 reductions, amongst many other topics.

How Do Consumers Value Produce? Local vs Long-Distance? Cornell’s Rebecca Wasserman-Olin Studies Strawberries to Provide Insights

A new researcher at the New York Produce Show, Rebecca Wasserman-Olin, shared new research findings about how customers value various appearance characteristics and how a consumer value perception is affected when a strawberry is marketed as ‘local,’ among other key findings.

Bobalu Berry Farms Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Scholarships

January 6, 2022 Bobalu Berries

The Jones Family is ringing in 2022 celebrating a 60-year anniversary for Bobalu Berries.   The family is very proud to honor Bob and Lupe Jones who established the berry farming company back in 1962 and naming the company Bobalu by blending their two names, which still stands today.